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Address:No.13, Dongxin Road, Tingshandongpu Village, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China (Postal code 523000) Houjie town Dongguan Guangdong


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 Who’s Junteng ? 

Junteng Rubber Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as Junteng)

 was established in 2008, formerly 

known as Junteng Plastic Co., Ltd

 founded in 2003. 

It is a comprehensive enterprise 

integrating R & D,production and sales. 

Its companies are: 

Vietnam Junteng environmental protection 

materials Co., Ltd., 

Lufeng Junteng plastic products Co., Ltd.

   What’s Junteng do?

Base on the environmental friendly,  the 

company have recruited 10 technical managers

and 20 employees to manage the 8 working

production lines, that make sure the production

 could be arranged & controlled well.

The products being sold & used for handbags,

 footwear,garments, furniture, automobiles etc.. 

they’re: PU(normal PU,waterborne PU,

bio-base PU recycled PU ), 

environmental PVC, fabrics, super fiber etc..

How’s Junteng do?

Keep following the fashion trends, and 

contacting with the designers, we’ve keep 

developing every month to fulfill the 

designers’ need. As our high quality 

products, best sell before& after services, 

as well as the competitive price, we’ve 

succeed in winninga lots of famous

 Brands’ confidences, and entered an 

long-term business relationship for years.

Making more environmental& fashion 

materials to decorate your life, is our

 career, also our life.




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