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More than 200 domestic leather giants gathered in Zhangpu to discuss the way to development

Release time:2021-03-11 Source:JUNTENG RUBBER LTD

On November 20, 2017 China Leather Industry Development Forum and China Leather Association Leather Tannery Professional Committee Annual Meeting was held in Zhangpu. With the theme of "Leather Future Road", the conference aims to jointly build a platform for dialogue, communication and exchange, and promote the healthy development of the leather industry. More than 400 representatives from more than 200 leather and related enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions from all over the country attended the conference to discuss the future of the leather industry. County magistrate Huang Qinghua, county party committee member, executive deputy county magistrate Huang Guofeng attended the meeting.

  Way and application of chrome leather broken material theme BBS is a drama of the meeting, guests adhering to the academic, international, the principles of openness, the environmental protection of leather enterprise development problem carried on deep discussion and communication, and intelligent manufacturing, brand promotion, fashion innovation and industry transformation direction of divergent thinking, is an industry expert "brain storm", the practitioners of "ideas". Experts and representatives at the meeting agreed that the leather industry has new space for development in 2017. Pollution control, technological innovation and technological improvement are the key words that are widely discussed and recognized.

Xu jianxin, president of zhejiang dazhong leather industry co., LTD. : to introduce advanced technology, new materials, with new technology, into a kind of products with a sense of The Times, this is a big direction. Specifically speaking, each enterprise should have the characteristics of each enterprise, to make their own characteristics.

At the meeting, experts from the Ministry of Environmental Protection had a detailed interpretation of the environmental management situation of hazardous waste and the latest policies and regulations. China Leather Industry Information Center released the big data of China's leather industry. Practitioners from Taiwan, the United States and other countries and regions shared the current situation of the global production and supply of raw leather, and experts from scientific research institutions analyzed the current situation of environmental protection technology in leather industry. In addition, Fujian Micro Water Environmental Protection Company, which just won the third prize of the innovation project, shared the practice and thinking of harmonious and win-win situation between the leather industry and the environment. The rich agenda and the open and integrated communication atmosphere of the forum were praised by the participants and delegates.

Hebei shijiazhuang leather, head of the environmental protection enterprise Wang Jianglong: harvest are high, first the meeting or higher some, is head of some companies, the future of the enterprise's operation and development have very big help, so through the BBS you can have what good things to share with each other, what's wrong with the future of the lack of things can learn from each other, to get the leather industry bigger and stronger.




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