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Identification and maintenance method of automobile leather seat leather

Release time:2021-03-15 Source:JUNTENG RUBBER LTD

The car leather seat is beautiful and durable, easy to clean, close to the human skin function, comfortable to touch, and its capillary hole has good air permeability, smooth surface. In addition, the leather seat cushion is not easy to burn, not afraid of cigarette butts burning, but also can increase the cooling effect, save air conditioning combustion consumption and other advantages, in the eyes of Chinese people, the leather seat is a symbol of noble luxury. Here are some identification and maintenance methods of automobile leather.

  The identification and maintenance of leather of leather in leather of automobile leather

Because the special leather for automobile must be treated with UV, heat-resistant, light resistant and wear-resistant, the cost is high, so some illegal manufacturers will fill in the low-cost leather for other purposes, and consumers have to pay more attention. The following are the professional methods to distinguish the real and false automobile leather, hoping to help readers to choose high-quality leather chairs:

1. Label method: the leather of the factory will be marked with the date of manufacture and the name and area of the leather factory on the back.

2. Smell method: good leather, after treatment should not have pungent taste, so too much solvent flavor and coating flavor is not good.

3. Internal inspection: cut leather horizontally with blade, and it can be seen that the color of leather from outer layer to inner layer shall be consistent (if the appearance is black and the inner layer is dark, it is normal). Pay attention to whether there is any color difference under the outer layer, and secondary or modified leather can be avoided.

4. Viewing method: under the 30 times magnifying glass, you can see that the leather surface is like the moon surface, the pit and hole, and the air permeability is good. Automobile leather needs to be wear-resistant, light resistant and other special treatment, the pores of the wool will be covered).

5. Wipe method: wipe the leather surface with degreasing oil, pay attention to whether there is discoloration and falling off phenomenon, and can avoid buying the leather with color modification twice.

6. Heat resistant method: it is better to ask a small piece of leather material with the manufacturer. The sample can be hot for 2-3 seconds with cigarette head. PU products can be avoided. The time needs to be prolonged due to the large contact area when burning with lighter.

7. Certificate method: the leather of the factory has clear sources. It is necessary to record the basic materials such as the place of production, the label of the leather factory, the leather test form, the authorization for leather use, etc. because Taiwan is the place where a large number of bead leather for vamp is produced, how to buy genuine and real products should be visited and compared by many countries.

8. Friction method: the real world-class leather for vehicles must be treated with special surface. Leather factory shall provide leather test qualification report for understanding quality. The qualified book includes the number of dry and wet friction, heat resistance, light resistance index, etc. If the business cannot provide reference documents, consumers need to know and judge themselves, or ask for 10 cm of square leather to go home and rub them well.

9. Origin Law: all countries in the world have produced leather, but only Europe (Nordic, Italy, Austria, Germany and other places) has a long history of leather industry. Naturally, its leather level will be much higher than that of Southeast Asia low-cost leather.

10. Guarantee method: This is the easiest way. When buying leather chairs, don't forget to ask the store if there is a guarantee service card. One is to avoid buying inferior leather, the second is to develop regular maintenance habits and to provide permanent after-sales service. It can be said that it is a good thing to do three things.

If your car chair meets the above conditions, it must be of high value. However, when consumers buy leather chairs, they must ask for the guarantee card without consideration. Do not listen to the oral guarantee. Because the inferior leather will occur abnormal in a short time, the consumers' rights will not be damaged if they can claim a quality assurance card for about one year.

Maintenance method of automobile leather

Leather should contact human body every day, so the biggest harm to dermis is the body's grease. There are other damages from outside world, which also have great harm to leather cushion. If the maintenance is not carried out for a long time, it will cause the cortex to become hard and dirty, and the final result is cracking.

If the new car is equipped with leather seat or leather chair just modified, it is better to add a layer of protective wax to the leather chair within 15 days to facilitate the owner to handle it normally. In order to keep leather bright and fresh all year round, it is better to give leather chair once a month to care.

The leather chair should be two feet away from the heat source as far as possible. If it is too close to the heat source, the leather will crack. Try not to expose to the sun for a long time, so as to avoid discoloration of leather. In addition, do not use a blower to dry leather quickly after cleaning, and do natural air drying.

There are many components in high-grade cars that are packaged or manufactured in leather, such as steering wheel and seats. When cleaning these leather products, you can wipe the dirt off the leather with a damp cloth. If the dirt is heavy, wipe it with a sponge dipped in a thin detergent. But when wiping, the leather should not be too wet to prevent water from seeping into the machine parts along the joint. After cleaning with detergent, dry it with a dry soft cloth or towel, then open the door, let air flow and dry the moisture on leather thoroughly. If necessary, leather protectors, such as leather polish, liquid shoe oil, etc., can be used to polish the leather to be dried.

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