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The best alternate of PVC, The Recycled PVB synthetic leathers make a new green lifestyle!

Release time:2021-04-06 Source:JUNTENG RUBBER LTD

The best alternate of PVC, The Recycled PVB synthetic leathers make a new green lifestyle!


Since the leather goods become more and more popular from last century, leathers have always been a most favorite materials in fashion areas.

 Even though the animals leather were objected by the animals protectors, there comes the artificial leather (PVC leather & PU leather) for alternate.

As the world developing accompany with the increasingly serious pollution of the earth, the sence of environmental protection were awaked , human being begin to pursue the eco-fashion. Eco- materials have become the mainsteam.

A new type of leather for resource recycling, recycled PVB synthetic leather is particularly prominent.


What’s the recycled PVB synthetic leather?

It’s an eco-materials that combines the recycled PVB with a fabric backing.

Where is the recycled PVB from ?

It come from the waste windshield of the scrapped cars . around 90 millions cars are scrapped every year, 

it is estimated that each scrapped car can yield approximately 2.6 kg of PVB .it’s a huge resources .

How could it be used for synthetic leather ?

What’re the characteristics of it ?

1.      comply with the eco regulations like: REACH, P-65, FDA etc.

2.      comply with PVC-free and DMF-free policy.

3.      Fulfill CSR by promoting green products

4.      excellent on physical properties

What could the recycled PVB synthetic leathers used for ?





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